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How to

Step-by-step instructions, images and video tutorials.

  • 1 Select dropdown list All Categories to narrow down your search to either of the following:
    • All Categories - Find your search within all categories such as: health provider, location and service
    • Health Provider - Your search will be match against the name of health providers
    • Location - Your search will be match against the address of health providers
    • Service - Your search will be match against the services of health providers
  • 2 Type text/query in the Search bar that you are looking for
  • 3 Click the Search button to trigger search
  • 4 Type text/query in the Advance Search to further filter the search result
  • 5 Click the Waze or Google Map icon to navigate to the specific location of the health provider
  • 6 Click the name of the Health Provider or click the Services icon to display the services
  • 7 Finally, use the Services Table List to find specific price for each service

  • 1 Click the Sign Up from the top menu.
  • 2 Fill-up your personal information, contact number and valid email address | Most Imporant!
  • 3 Select dropdown list User Type:
    • Patients / Clients
    • Health Facility / RLED
      - Filter Region > District / Province > City / Municipality
      - Select dropdown list Name of Facility
  • 4 Attach / Upload proof of your identify. All files should be in PDF | JPG | PNG format not exceeding [5MB].
  • 5 Type-in your desired login credentials: Username and Password
  • 6 Type-in the Security Check / Captcha Code and tick checkbox to agree to Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  • 7 Click the Submit button.
  • 8 Finally, click the Confirmation / Activation Link that was sent to your email, otherwise administrator won't be able to verify your account.

  • 1 Type your Username or Email
  • 2 Type your Password
  • 3 Type the Captcha Code
  • 4 Finally, click the Sign In button

  • 1 Type your Email Address
  • 2 Type the Captcha Code
  • 3 Click the Retrieve Password button
  • 4 Then click Ok
  • 4 Finally, sign in to your Email Account and browse through your inbox | promotion | spam folder to view your account details

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